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Bug#634607: Add Affero GPL license to /usr/share/common-licenses

Hi Russ,

thanks for taking a look at this.

On So 25 Dez 2011 18:47:24 CET Russ Allbery wrote:

Mike Gabriel <mike.gabriel@das-netzwerkteam.de> writes:

please add AGPL-n license files to /usr/share/common-licenses, so that
people can refer to that from within their packages.

More and more projects are changing over to AGPL, currently. As Debian
allows AGPL since 12/2008, it would be nice to have the license shipped
with this package.

As of September of 2011, there were only 31 packages in the archive
referencing AGPL version 3, which falls short of the normal threshold of
inclusion in common-licenses by at least a factor of 10.  Unless the
number increases significantly, I think packages that use the AGPL should
just include a copy of the license.  (Nearly all licenses in
common-licenses are referenced by at least 1000 packages.)

I'm accordingly marking this bug wontfix, but I'll leave it open for a
while in case there's any further discussion.

In terms of quantity I absolutely I understand your disposition on this issue.

However, I would love Debian to give a signal on A-GPL as for many server-side projects (CMS, Groupware, etc.) A-GPL from my perspective definitely is the license to be preferred. However, this is mostly opinion and surely people can see that differently.



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