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Bug#633994: debian-policy: confusion over what the license information in the copyright file actually means

Hi Charles,

Charles Plessy wrote:

> this summer you have submitted a bug against the Debian policy, about “what the
> license information in the copyright file actually means”.  After reading again
> the whole discussion, my feeling is that much of the answer would be actually
> be given by a resolution of http://bugs.debian.org/462996, about documenting
> more precisely what the Debian copyright file needs to cover.

I don't think so.  Wasn't Nicholas's report about how to deal with
cases where upstream permits "License A or License B" but the Debian
maintainer for a package is only interested in one of the two (for
example, how and whether to avoid distributing a copy of the GFDL-1.1,
which is not part of common-licenses and whose terms do not comply
with the DFSG, for a GFDL-1.1+ work)?

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