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Bug#637614: §9.10: Do not recommend to call install-docs, as it is triggered.

Charles Plessy writes:

> Dear Robert (maintainer of doc-base) and everybody,
> I have proposed the patch below to the Debian Policy in August this year, to
> stop recommending the direct use of install-docs for registering documents to
> doc-base, and wonder if you agree or would second it.

Yes, I second it.

Triggers support was added to doc-base about 3 years ago, so there's  no
point in calling install-docs directly in maintainer scripts and surely
the Policy shouldn't recommend it.

Moreover debhelper stopped adding calls to install-docs over 2 years
ago, and also lintian warns[1] about such a calls.


>> -	  de-register the manuals again when the package is removed.
>> +	  <package>doc-base</package> control file in
>> +	  <file>/usr/share/doc-base/</file>.<footnote>Since version 0.8.11,
>> +	  <package>doc-base</package> uses <package>dpkg</package> triggers
>> +	  to call the <prgn>install-docs</prgn> script at installation time and
>> +	  de-register the manuals again when the package is removed.</footnote>
>>  	</p> 

I'm not sure if the footnote is needed. One needs to read doc-base
documentation to find out what to put in the
`<package>doc-base</package> control file' anyway, and the documentation
 mentions triggers already.


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