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Bug#647570: debian-policy: Conformance of Chapter 5 to RFC 2119.

On Sat, 05 Nov 2011, Bill Allombert wrote:
> Of course entities are translatable. What are you actually wanting to say ?

Well, nowadays we expect to handle translations just with PO files. And in
this context, you're expected to keep an entity between the original
string and the translated one.

"a package &must; have a version"
"un paquet &must; avoir une version"

This won't work, so the translators would have to use "un paquet DOIT
avoir une version" (i.e. replacing the entity with its translated value).
Or we would have to add entities for all translations... or we would have
to have localized definitions of all entities (likely without using PO
files but some custom mechanism).

None of this is really clean IMO and it's really abusing entities
for a weird goal ("allowing people to generate a version of the policy
without uppercase").

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