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Bug#643690: perl policy unclear about the section for manpages

Package: debian-policy

The perl policy makes confusing statements about the section that manpages
should be installed in:

2.4. Documentation

     Manual pages distributed with Perl packages must be installed into the
     standard directories:


          Manual pages for modules are installed into `/usr/share/man/man3'
          with the extension `.3perl'.

4.1. Vendor Directories

     The installation directory for Debian modules must be different from
     that for <core> and <site> modules.


     Module packages must install manual pages into the standard
     directories (see Section 2.4, `Documentation') using the extensions
     `.1p' and `.3pm' to ensure that no conflict arises where a packaged
     module duplicates a <core> module.

I apparently misread this long ago and assumed that "manual pages for
modules" was talking about all modules rather than just those from the perl
source package.  Only a recent lintian warning, showing me that MakeMaker
has output the manpage with a .TH that doesn't match the filename, clued me

I think the language in 2.4 should be clarified to explicitly state this
only applies to modules from the perl source package.

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