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Bug#642914: debian-policy: 10.8 Log files : logrotate compression should result from good judgment

Hello Raphael,

you have been filing such bugs in Ubuntu and I closed at least one you
filed against dpkg.

Ubuntu isn't exactly the same than Debian. Otherwise it would be called Debian ;)

I hope that if this debian-policy request gets turned off, you will stop
filing such wishlist bugs everywhere.

I first filed a bug into rsyslog package and someone advised me to report this question to the Debian policy team : that is the reason of this current bug report. I don't want to enforce a point of view but just trigger a technical discussion. I would like to be sure there is no doubt.

"Thinking" is not enough, we would like to see facts.

sudo du -sh /var/log
would show a disk usage below 100 MB for desktop usage (< 0,1% of the capacity of most disks)

1/ Buying a supplementary disk (and thus producing it) consumes probably more
energy than compressing files on the former disk.

Nowadays, we can afford a 1024 Go disk at low price. SSD disk with the cheapest GB/price ratio is around 120GB.

We can imagine the storage will become cheaper and cheaper in the future.

2/ It's not clear that you get any significant reduction of energy
consumption. Sure compressing/decompressing takes some CPU, but then
reading on the disk also consumes energy and a smaller file is read

That is the point : not compressing make the system read/write less from/to the disk. I think that most desktop users will never read their log but just use their computer.


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