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Bug#629530: developers-reference: PDF code example has wrong U+2019 for '

Hi David,

On Wed, 08 Jun 2011, David Prévot wrote:
> Lucas, Raphaël, could we consider moving away of pdflatex build? This
> may allow to build the Japanese PDF, which would also be an improvement.

I don't care much of the build process (as long as it works and it stays
out of my way).

If anything, I would be interested to use publican as it has native
support for i18n via PO files and generates good looking documents
without much work. It doesn't use TeX for its PDF output but fop.

> If we are going that road, since some packages may not be available in
> Lenny still used on www-master to build the developers-reference, it
> could be a good time to extract the content from the latest package than
> building the Subversion version on www-master.

No opposition from me.

> If you agree on that (even if you don't actually ;-), maybe could it be
> a good time to upload the latest version of the developers-reference
> which add a new translation. I'll ask for translation update if they're
> not up to date in order to do so, unless you disagree.

Do you have upload rights? If yes, feel free to to the upload yourself
(mark it as "Team upload" to avoid the lintian warning and you're done).

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