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Bug#604397: debian-policy: require build-arch and build-indep targets


On Mon, 06 Jun 2011, Guillem Jover wrote:
> And to me that's one of the problems with Build-Options/Features,
> another being the duplicated information. If we consider
> build-arch/build-indep something useful enough to be widely usable
> on all packages producing arch:any + arch:all packages, then making
> this optional is close to keeping status quo, I expect a multi-year
> period to make a dent on packages adding support for this, if at all.

That's true but so is it for any new feature unfortunately. And even with
a flag day, once you have fixed the FTBFS, you're far from having benefits
from that separation. Because most of the packages that do not FTBFS are
still not converted to make usage of it. They would still run the same
build process in both cases.

> If this is considered only useful to a handful of packages, then
> really, what's the point of all the discussions? All that energy
> could have been used in NMUs instead.

How so? If dpkg-buildpackage only calls "build" I don't see what you could
have NMUed.

Except turning build into an empty target and adding
build-arch/build-indep as dependencies of binary-arch/binary-indep
but that would not be nice since it means compilation is run
as root when it's usually not.

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