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Bug#604397: debian-policy: require build-arch and build-indep targets

On Sat, Jun 04, 2011 at 04:22:43PM -0500, Jonathan Nieder wrote:

> >> Thanks much!  If you'd like, I can try out the two patches from
> >> Bug#598534 and send a comparison there.

> > Thanks for the offer.  How do you plan to try them out?  Are you proposing a
> > full-archive rebuild?

> I am just going to try to break them.  Cases like these:

>  A.
> 	%:
> 		dh $@

>  B.
> 	build clean install binary-arch binary-indep binary:
> 		dh $@
> 	.PHONY: build-arch build-indep

>  C. something using cdbs

>  E.
> 	... typical debian/rules, plus:
> 	build-indep:
> 		false

Ok.  In that case, some of the past discussions may be informative:


The main difference between the robustness of the implementations should be
when faced with debian/rules that is not a policy-compliant makefile.

> Meanwhile I would be happy to see progress on the dpkg-buildpackage
> side.  Once the pieces are together it should be possible to beg someone
> to do a full archive rebuild before and after hitting the switch and list
> packages that failed to build or whose binary packages changed in size
> substantially (though as mentioned before, because "debian/rules
> binary-arch" is suppposed to work on its own already, I'm not too worried
> about it).

That part is apparently trivial, as I seem to have written a patch for it 4
years ago :-)

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