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are packages allowed to per default not purge on purge?

reopen 618885
reassign 618885 tech-ctte


please read #618885 which is about whether sasl2-bin can kept files on the 
system after purging it.

Policy 6.8 says that files must be removed on purge, Roberto says sasl2-bin is 
an exception. I disagree. 

There are some packages in the archive which (are made to) disagree and keep 
some files, possible providing a mechanism via debconf to delete them, but if 
so defaulting to false. 
For example piuparts currently ignores (among others) these patterns: 
"/var/lib/ldap(/.*)?" and "/var/lib/maxdb(/.*)?" and technically I could 
easily make it ignore /etc/sasldb2.*. 

But I actually think these exceptions are wrong, but I'm not the instance to 
decide how to interpret policy. I merely maintain piuparts which test policy 
compliance as officially interpreted.

So dear technical committee, that's why I assigned this bug to you. Thanks for 
dealing with it,


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