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Bug#623489: developers-reference: [INTL:de] initial German translation

David Prévot schrieb:
Chris Leick a écrit :

I've added the german translation of the developer's reference to the
SVN repository.

That's great, thanks.

Please activate this language.

I fixed the build errors and then activated it.

When I'm opening this page, I can see the content in german, but all links redirect to the english page. My browser settings are correct (de-de, de, fr-fr, fr, en-us. en) If I change it to french, there's the same problem - only the first site is in french.

On the start page is a link to the french version. Can you also add links to german (and japanese if it works)?

The contents are strange formatted: The font of some names is bold (e.g. debdiff, dcut, dpkg-depcheck)

Kind regards,

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