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Bug#609160: debian-policy: include DEP5

reopen 609160

Attached please find my changes to the docbook conversion.

* remove drivers from abstract (we're mentioned in acks, which is
* a couple of missing spaces from markup
* removal of useless appendix (this was in dep svn already, so better do
it in the version in policy too)

Other than that, we need to fix a URL on www.debian.org and then update
the examples to have use that URL and also add it to the explanation of
Format. After that, we're done, I think. About time.

thanks, Charles, for the conversion.

Blog/wiki/website hosting with ikiwiki (free for free software):
diff --git a/copyright-format/copyright-format.xml b/copyright-format/copyright-format.xml
index b9599d3..cd55699 100644
--- a/copyright-format/copyright-format.xml
+++ b/copyright-format/copyright-format.xml
@@ -30,9 +30,7 @@
         standard, machine-readable format for
         <filename>debian/copyright</filename> files within packages and
         facilitate automated checking and reporting of licenses for packages and
-        sets of packages. The DEP drivers were Steve Langasek
-        <email>vorlon@debian.org</email> and Lars Wirzenius
-        <email>liw@liw.fi</email>.
+        sets of packages.
@@ -143,7 +141,7 @@
         A white space separated list means that the field value may be on one
         line or many, but values in the list are separated by one or more white
         space characters (including space, TAB, and newline).  For example, the
-        <varname>Files</varname>field has a list of filename patterns.
+        <varname>Files</varname> field has a list of filename patterns.
@@ -273,7 +271,7 @@
           package, for instance when a work combines a permissive and a copyleft
           license, or to document a <emphasis>compilation copyright</emphasis>
           and license.  It is possible to use only <varname>License</varname> in
-          the header paragraph, but <varname>Copyright</varname>alone makes no
+          the header paragraph, but <varname>Copyright</varname> alone makes no
@@ -1171,27 +1169,4 @@ License: GPL-2+
-  <section id="appendix">
-    <title>
-      Appendix: Note about the use of this format in Debian
-    </title>
-    <para>
-      The Debian Policy (§<ulink
-      url="http://www.debian.org/doc/debian-policy/ch-docs#s-copyrightfile";>12.5</ulink>)
-      demands that each package is accompanied by a file,
-      <filename>debian/copyright</filename> in source packages and
-      <filename>/usr/share/doc/package/copyright</filename> in binary packages,
-      that contains a verbatim copy of its copyright and distribution license.
-      In addition, it requires that copyrights must be extractable by mechanical
-      means.  This proposal for machine-readable copyright and license summary
-      files has been crafted for Debian's use, but it is our hope that other
-      software distributions, as well as upstream developers will adopt it, so
-      that review efforts can be easily reproduced and shared.
-    </para>
-    <para>
-      The copyright of the Debian packaging and the history of package
-      maintainers is simply indicated in a <literal>Files: debian/*</literal>
-      paragraph.
-    </para>
-  </section>

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