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Re: Patch for MultiarchCross

Hi there,

On Wed, Mar 23, 2011 at 03:05:53AM +0000, Wookey wrote:

> The Multiarch specification only covers libraries and does not
> specifically deal with include files. 

> To make multiarch useful for cross-building as well as co-installation of
> libraries we need to install headers to /usr/include/<triplet>, which
> needs an FHS exception. 

> Here is a patch to policy to allow that. It could repeat most of the
> libraries section above but there seemed little point. I'm happy to
> expand it though if we think that would be helpful.

> I'm not sure if anything else in policy needs to be adjusted - I
> didn't see anything obvious. 

The only thing I wonder is whether we should go farther yet and make this a
policy recommendation rather than just granting permission... but since
we're only just now implementing toolchain support for this, I guess that
might be premature.

> I would file this as a bug against debian-policy but I don't know
> whether it should be normative, informative, etc. Advice welcome. 

Reading the FHS carefully, I see that there is no requirement for headers to
be installed *directly* under /usr/include, only that they be installed
*somewhere* under this directory.  And indeed, many packages create
subdirectories under /usr/include already.  So maybe it's not actually
needed to override the FHS at all for /usr/include, until the time that
we want to make this a policy recommendation?

I.e., I guess this isn't a "normative" bug because we're not actually
changing any rules; and it's not really "informative" either because we're
not actually providing much information yet. :)  Do you think there is a
specific recommendation policy should make right now, or should we defer
amending policy until the prelim implementation is farther along in

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