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Bug#619186: Fix multiarch FHS exception for i386 in light of recent discussions

Steve Langasek wrote:

> If I understand the current policy process, this has met the necessary
> number of sign-offs (proposer + 2 seconds == 3 sign-offs), so marking as
> 'seconded'.

Yes, and the change sounds good to me.  Thanks.

> Is there a policy czar available to confirm this and maybe to nudge this bug
> along its way? :)  Note that the dpkg implementation of what's described
> here is imminent, so it would be good to have confirmation that it's ok on
> the policy side for us to use this.

As a curious bystander:

* I understand that there is history behind it, so I am not advocating
  changing this, but the name DEB_HOST_MULTIARCH is not so self-explanatory.
  I suppose what it actually means is something like DEB_HOST_PATH_COMPONENT.
  Hopefully as the cross-distro simplified GNU triplets get used for
  other things, the DEB_HOST_MULTIARCH name will start to seem more
  natural. :)

* Is it safe to start using the new variable right away, without changing
  declared dependencies (I would hope "yes" if policy advocates it without
  caveats)?  Is it intended to make packages using the old variable
  instantly RC-buggy (I think "yes", but it seems best to ask)?

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