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Re: New field Package-List in .dsc

* Raphael Hertzog <hertzog@debian.org> [110324 15:14]:
> ftpmasters requested a new field in the .dsc files to ease their work.
> I just implemented it and it will be part of dpkg 1.16.0.
> This has been done on short notice so I wanted to inform policy people
> so that you can review the discussions and the design in case anyone has
> objections/suggestions before it's in wide-spread usage:
> http://bugs.debian.org/619131

Do I understand this correction correctly that "dpkg-source -b" will
generate that when generating a source package (or will this need any
changing in scripts calling dpkg-source -b ?)

This is put in the .dsc but everything that makes a Sources out of it
will need to remove it again (or have an unnecessary large Source file)?

If it is only used to give hints to dak, what is the reason that this is
in .dsc and not in .changes? (Or perhaps even only in .changes that also
include a source package).

> It looks like this:
> Package-List:
>  src:dpkg admin required
>  dpkg admin required
>  dpkg-dev utils optional
>  libdpkg-dev libdevel optional
>  libdpkg-perl perl optional
>  udeb:dselect admin optional
> (Here I just marked dselect as being an udeb for a test...)
> The purpose is so that they can setup the overrides for all possible binary
> packages as soon as they have reviewed the source package (i.e. and avoid NEW
> for subsequent binary uploads introducing binary packages that they have not
> yet seen).

If it really is in the .dsc files then it would be nice if it also could
include the Architecture: of those packages. That would make it easier
for things like reprepro to decide if there might be some binary package
missing. (Or for other forms of poor-man's stateless wanna-build stuff).

	Bernhard R. Link

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