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Bug#616457: debian-policy: always write version of Debian in documentation at the beginning

Hi again,

sergey wrote:

> It is like bad tradition now: many documentation do not contain information about
> Debian version. It is very strange for me. How can be authors 100% sure 
> that their documentation is absolutely correct for all Debian versions, 
> from 1.1 or older to the current?

In the case of policy, there is an odd detail: each version of policy
comes out before it is clear what Debian versions it will apply to.

In a sense, the policy version is prior to the Debian version, and
what one needs to know is, for which Debian version (or more
precisely, for each package), which policy version was adopted.

One can find what version of policy is the latest in each currently
supported suite at <http://packages.debian.org/debian-policy>.  For
each package, the version of policy it was written against can be read
from the Standards-Version field of the source control (.dsc) file or
the debian/control file of the unpacked source.

So much for background.  What do you propose?  Making the relationship
between standards versions and Debian releases clearer does sound like
a worthwhile goal.


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