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Bug#604397: debian-policy: require build-arch and build-indep targets

(-cc: Bug#229357)
Jakub Wilk wrote:
> * Jonathan Nieder <jrnieder@gmail.com>, 2011-03-01, 21:01:

>> So it seems to me that "dpkg-buildpackage -B" ought to be taught to
>> run the equivalent of
>>	debian/rules build-arch
>>	if test "$?" = 2
>>	then
>>		debian/rules build
>>	fi
> make exits with code 2 "if any errors were encountered". So no, this
> approach cannot be used.

Did you read the rest of the message?

But okay, I am willing to accept that this is an approach we do
not want to use.  Which still leaves us with a number of options.

To help some existing packages today (and break others):

 1. Find an active "make" maintainer.
 2. Polish the patch in Bug#598534 and apply it.
 3. Use
	make-first-existing-target build-arch build -- -f debian/rules

To help no existing packages today but make it easy for packages
to opt in (and not break the others):

 1. Introduce a Build-Options facility for packages to advertise
    capabilities like this.
 2. Teach dpkg-buildpackage to honor it.

To move towards a world in which all packages support build-arch and

 1. Teach dpkg-buildpackage a new switch to use those targets.
    The operator can easily figure out when they are available if
    building by hand.
 2. Introduce a lintian test for build-arch/build-indep presence.
 3. Contribute patches.
 4. When there are not so many packages left without the feature,
    propose a mass bug-filing/release goal.
 5. Finally, update policy and make autobuilders use the switch
    to use those targets when building unstable and experimental.

Just my two cents,

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