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Bug#609935: debian-policy: 5.2 should clarify how Hompage from the source and binary packages relate

user debian-policy@packages.debian.org
severity 609935 minor
clone 609935 -1
retitle -1 policy: clarify precedence and propagation of Section and Priority
usertags 609935 + informative issue
usertags -1 + informative issue


Christoph Anton Mitterer wrote:

> The Homepage control filed is according to chapter 5.2 allowed in both,
> the source package and the binary packages paragraphs.
> But unlike with Section and Priority, it's not specified whether the binary packages
> derive that from the Source package if it's specified there AND not overriden
> in the binary package paragraph.

Here's a survey of the current status.  I'll focus on Priority, since
Section uses almost identical constructions.

 §2.5 Priorities:
	Each package should have a priority value, which is included
	in the package's control record (see Priority, Section 5.6.6).

 §5.6.6 Priority:
	When it appears in the debian/control file, it gives the value
	for the subfield of the same name in the Files field of the
	.changes file. It also gives the default for the same field in
	the binary packages.

When it appears in the first (general) paragraph of debian/control or
a package-specific paragraph?  And does it give the default for the
package-specific paragraph or the corresponding field of

Unless I'm missing something, the text could be a lot clearer.
Thanks for a pointer.


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