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Bug#348336: I'm really confused by section 10.7.4 in the policy

On 05/01/11 21:43, Russ Allbery wrote:
10.7.1 already defines both concepts and tries to make it clear that
they're not the same thing.  I'm happy to enhance those definitions if you
can point out to me what made them unclear.  (Obviously I know too much
about this to be a good first reader of that section.)

I think it would be enough for the phrase "conffile" to be a link to section 10.7.1. The font is already different. I was making a more general point but conffiles is clearly the critical concept in this section.
#348336, #533387.
I don't think this last was the bug number you meant. That's an unrelated
bug in the wordpress package.

Sorry I meant #533287.

Apart from that if all of your comments were implemented I personally would be glad to see this ticket closed. I think it would be a great improvement.

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