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Re: Bug#106073: recommend to install <package> documentation into /usr/share/doc/<package>/

Russ Allbery <rra@debian.org> writes:

> Thank you for writing this up!

It's my pleasure.

> I'm inclined to second this, although I wonder if should is too strong
> at this point and we should instead allow for either method but
> document that using the same directory as the "parent" package is
> preferred. That would avoid the instantly buggy issue but still set up
> a transition over time.

Can you show me an example (perhaps elsewhere in Policy) that shows the
less-strong wording you have in mind?

> We'll need a Lintian tag, etc., to actually get everything moved over.

Should that be a separate bug report?

> I also agree with Bill that it might be useful to say that one should
> have a symlink or symlinks in the /usr/share/doc/package-doc directory
> pointing to the docs in the other directory (or vice versa; it doesn't
> really matter which direction the linking goes). That would also make
> the transition easier.

This might need more discussion; I didn't see a good consensus on that
part. More bug reports, or am I getting overly picky?

> > +	  The documentation must be installed as specified in
> > +	  <ref id="docs-additional">.
> I think that last "must" should be a "should".

Why so? It's merely saying that another section of Policy must be
followed. If that section includes less-strong language, the “must” here
is exactly as restrictive or non-restrictive as that other section's

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