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Bug#89038: mime policy copying update-mime(8)

Ben Finney <ben+debian@benfinney.id.au> writes:
> On Fri, Jun 06, 2008 at 10:47:11AM -0700, Russ Allbery wrote:

>> I agree with the original bug reporter that mime-policy as it stands
>> right now should be merged into Policy and cease to exist as an
>> independent document unless we're going to add more detailed
>> information to it.

> Attached is a patch that simply incorporates the useful content from
> ‘mime-policy’ into the main ‘policy’ document, and removes the
> redundant document.


Note, for others following this bug, that this patch just moves the
existing information and doesn't include the information from
update-mime(8) into Policy, which means that one still has to read that
man page to find out the formatting of the entry in the
/usr/lib/mime/packages directory.  (Which should really be /usr/share, but
that's another problem, since /usr/share/mime/packages is apparently being
used by something else.)  If people believe more of the information from
update-mime(8) should be included in Policy, now's the time to speak

Russ Allbery (rra@debian.org)               <http://www.eyrie.org/~eagle/>

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