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Bug#592610: 7.3/7.4/7.6: Usage of Breaks and Conflicts unclear and contradictive

"Eugene V. Lyubimkin" <jackyf@debian.org> writes:

> [ sorry for not proper 'mail-reply', used wrong mail address before ]
>> Huh? The presense of Replaces allows the two to be both unpacked. The
>> Repalces specifically disables the file conflict.
> Replaces is one-way dependency, Breaks is two-way one. If I unpack two
> packages, one having Breaks+Replaces, in the other order, I will have a file
> conflict. And a high-level package manager have right to do it, by the
> definition of Breaks, because "slave" package is not configured.

That was a bug in dpkg that has been fixed a while now I think. Replaces
has to be two-way so that unpacking the replaced package after the
replacing one does not give a file overwrite error.

If you think the issue still exists then please create a unit test in
dpkg and file that as seperate bugreport against dpkg.


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