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Bug#593611: Acknowledgement (debian-policy: Clarify whose signature should go in debian/changelog (4.4))

Le 19/08/2010 18:31, Felipe Sateler a écrit :
> Policy 4.4 currently says:
>> The maintainer name and email address used in the changelog should be
>> the details of the person uploading this version. They are not
>> necessarily those of the usual package maintainer.
> One person I'm sponsoring misread this and put my name in the changelog,
> since I'm the one actually doing the upload. I can't think of a better
> wording, though. Perhaps a footnote is enough?

In this case, I wouldn't consider you as the one uploading the package,
but merely the one signing it. Maybe adding "[...] usual package
maintainer, nor those of the person signing a sponsored upload."
(directly or as a footnote).



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