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Bug#592564: document unusual but supported file system configurations

* Russ Allbery [2010-08-10 16:47 -0700]:
> Debian supports /usr as a separate file system from /, /usr as a remote
> file system, and /, /usr, and /etc mounted read-only ...
> Since these requirements keep catching people by surprise, I think we
> should write them down explicitly.

Actually the policy refers to the FHS which already mentions part of
what you wrote, but writing down it explicitly to accentuate this sounds
like a good idea.

| The location of all installed files and directories must comply with
| the Filesystem Hierarchy Standard (FHS), version 2.3, with the
| exceptions noted below ...

| /usr, /opt, and /var are designed such that they may be located on
| other partitions or filesystems.

/var and /boot could be added to "/usr as separate file system from /".
Read-only mounting /etc seems to imply that it can also be on a separate
file system (although I never saw such a setup), so this one and maybe
others could be added too.


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