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Re: Request to Join Project Debian Documentation


On Sun, 08 Aug 2010, noreply@alioth.debian.org wrote:
>     Hello, I've been talking to Lucas Nussbaum for helping with the
>     Developer's Reference but I need access to the ddp SVN module.  As
>     I'm a DD, my username in Alioth is 'ender'.  I'm planning to first
>     of all kill the remaining patches in the BTS and then try to close
>     as many bugs as possible.
>     Could I be included in the group?

jfs@debian.org added you to the group. But the developers-reference
is a collaborative document where changes ought to be agreed upon so
please start with preparing patches, sending them to the relevant bug for
review, wait a few days and commit them only if nobody voiced any concern.

If the bug already has a previous patch, review it, fix it and do the same
with an updated patch. Don't commit blindly old patches sitting in the
BTS. Not everything is a good fit for the devel-ref so exercise your
judgment as well.
I use git-svn for this package so that I can easily prepare multiple
commits without sending then immediately (or easily maintain multiple
branches, one per change). Maybe you should do something similar.

You can get SVN commit notices by subscribing to the PTS and enabling the
"cvs" keyword.

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