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Bug#591791: extend init.d policy to permit upstart jobs and describe their use

Package: debian-policy
Severity: wishlist

An action item from the upstart BoF today at DebConf is that policy language
needs to be written around upstart jobs before we can start inflicting them
on the archive.  The following points should be addressed; they can be split
into separate bug reports in the future if needed.

 - packages may ship upstart jobs under /etc/init
 - with limited exceptions (e.g., upstart itself!), a package that ships an
   upstart job must also ship a sysvinit init.d script that implements the
   same functionality
 - packages must use invoke-rc.d in maintainer scripts for either upstart
   jobs or init scripts (but invoke-rc.d must be modified first to support

Patch to follow later :)

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