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Bug#578854: Should "Conflicts" be added to the "Replaces" example for package splitting?

On Tue, Jun 15, 2010 at 05:55:57PM -0700, Russ Allbery wrote:
> One thing that I would like to explain in Policy, but for which I
> personally don't know the reason and would like someone else to explain to
> me first (*grin*), is why we use Conflicts along with Replaces here.  What
> happens if one just uses Replaces (with a version stanza) and no
> Conflicts?  What problem does adding the Conflicts correct?

> My understanding of how Replaces works is that, provided that the new
> foo-data package contains the same files as were in the foo package,
> Replaces will allow it to simply overwrite those files, and there should
> be no obvious reason to force an upgrade of the foo package.  Am I missing
> something subtle, possibly around reinstallations or downgrades of foo?

Package: a
Version: 1

Package: a
Version: 2
Depends: b

Package: b
Version: 2
Replaces: a (<< 2)

This describes a case of a file being moved from package 'a' to package 'b',
with the new 'a' depending on 'b'.

If you install 'a' version 1, then install 'b' version 2, then /remove/ 'b'
version 2, 'a' remains in 'configured' state but is now missing some files
because ownership of the files transferred to package 'b'.

If Package: b declares Conflicts: a (<< 2) at the same time, this reliably
avoids this scenario by forcing an upgrade of 'a'.

But it's also overly aggressive, since it forces 'a' version 2 to be unpacked
first, *before* unpacking package 'b' - in which case, what do we need the
Replaces: for at all?  This is really a workaround for the fact that Breaks:
didn't exist at the time this part of Policy was written.  With Breaks: a
(<< 2) and Replaces: a (<< 2), we can force the upgrade of 'a' in tandem
with 'b', but without imposing the unpack ordering constraints that cause
such big problems for dist-upgrades.

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