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Bug#509935: rejected packages

On Wed, 2010-06-02 at 14:24 -0700, Russ Allbery wrote:
> Riccardo Stagni <unriccio@email.it> writes:
> > I thing that this issue became more serious with the lintian-based
> > automatic rejection of incoming packages.
> > Some days ago an upload (illuminator_0.11.0-4_amd64.changes) got rejected
> > because of this pending issue.
> > (from the reject mail)
> >> Reject Reasons:
> >> illuminator source: lintian output: 'uploader-address-malformed IV <hazelsct@debian.org>"', automatically rejected package.
> > (CC-ing ftp-masters as reject mails say to write if something concerns
> > them, and CC-ing debian-science-maintainers and hazelsct as maintainers of
> > the package in question)

Yeah, I was kind of surprised by that.  Didn't have time to deal with it
over the past week, but figured I'd try to work around it using a
lintian override.

> I thought we established the last time around on this discussion that Adam
> needs to leave the comma off in his name for the time being.

I don't remember receiving this advice.  That would make the name
different from what's in my GPG key, but I suppose I could add an
additional name to the key...  Note my email From address doesn't have
the comma or full stop, because I find the quotes aesthetically
inelegant, but I made that change after the key.

> DAK is also
> misinterpreting the value, so it's not just a Lintian problem.  All our
> current tools assume they can do a naive split on comma, and even if we
> decided to change this and changed Policy now, it's going to take a while
> for the tools to change.

I think you mean "even if we decided to clarify Policy..." as my
practice conforms to what's currently in Policy.  But we've been through
that already.

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