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Bug#578597: Recommend usage of dpkg-buildflags to initialize CFLAGS and al.

Raphael Hertzog wrote:
> On Wed, 21 Apr 2010, Jonathan Nieder wrote:

>> Given that it will probably be a while before this tool is used
>> universally, what benefit does an existing package with code like the
>> above get from switching to using dpkg-buildflags?
> It will allow users of source packages to experiment more easily with
> alternate flags (hardening, -Wall -Werror, etc.).
>>  - Some packages cannot tolerate certain optimizations [3].  Are they
>>    required to declare this?
>>  - Some build systems do not tolerate warnings (because they check
>>    stderr or because they use -Werror).  Some compiler flags add
>>    warnings.  Is this a bug, and should policy mandate any
>>    preventative measures?
> For both of those, I think this is unrelated. The users trying new flags
> should certainly expect failures on some packages.

With this caveat the idea makes more sense to me.  Thanks for the


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