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Bug#485559: Location of tftpd folder

Hello Daniel, Russ, et al.

On Mon, 2009-07-20 at 21:49 +0200, Daniel Baumann wrote:
> Frank Lin PIAT wrote:
> > tftpd-hpa will change the default location of the tftpd folder
> s/will change/has changed/
> > There was already some discussion on this topic. Would it be possible to
> > define the location in the policy?
> > See bug #485559
> fwiw, using /srv/tftp as tftp server root directory is FHS conformant.

I don't agree, but...

> tftpd and tftpd-hpa default for this in unstable now, leaving aftpd
> being the only one missing. would be nice if aftpd would just adapt.
> creating a policy entry about it when there are three packages in total
> implementing it, looks a bit overengineered for me (gain vs.
> administrative overhead). but that's probably just me :)

There might be an easy way to handle the situation. The policy could be
worded as:

* The /var/lib/tftpboot is the logical location for tftpd server root
  directory. It can be a directory or symlink to a directory elsewhere.

Plus the #2 of my initial proposal.
> * Serve filenames relatively to the defined tftp-root, not
>   relatively to the system root directory (/). 

I would drop my initial #3 (RFC compliance) as those usually aren't in
the policy.

1. That's very easy to manage for DDs
2. Any user should be able to cope with it.
3. It isn't overengineered.
4. <flame>This scheme allows using /srv in a FHS conformant way</flame>



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