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Bug#458385: New version of Artistic License

Hi everyone:

I notice this has been discussed quite a bit previously (though
something like 18 months ago), and the general idea I have gathered
from reading is that the Artistic License, version 2.0 is not yet
popular enough to warrant inclusion in common-licenses.

As we're inching closer to Perl 6 actually being on the horizon, I
think we should take another look at whether this license would be a
good candidate for inclusion. Some modules (in particular one I'm
working on right now, libtext-context-eitherside-perl) are explicitly
licensed under Artistic-2.0. Moreover, if/when Perl 6 is completed,
it's likely that lots of modules will choose to license themselves as
"same terms as Perl itself", which, for Perl6 modules, would be the
Artistic License 2.0.

Even if it's not a common license per se, given the length of the
document I think it'd be tremendously helpful to prevent duplication.
This isn't a case of the BSD or MIT licenses where the license itself
is only a few kilobytes. No, the Artistic License 2 is a rather heavy
thing, 180 lines and weighing 9453 characters once I've got it wrapped
and put in the appropriate format for debian/copyright.

I think this is worth another look. As of right now it's not a *huge*
issue, just feels like a papercut every time I come across a module
licensed as Artistic-2.0



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