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Bug#490605: Bug#532324: udev init script bash+dashism: assumes printf is a builtin

Hash: RIPEMD160

Debian Policy 10.4 states that shell scripts using a /bin/sh shebang
line must conform to POSIX Shell, with a few (listed) exceptions.

specifies, under “Command Search and Execution” 1.c, a list of required
shell builtins. I cannot find printf(1) there, or in any other place of
current SUSv3 (online edition), for that matter, except as stand-alone

udev uses /bin:/sbin as $PATH whereas printf(1) lies in /usr/bin.

udev uses printf nevertheless, assuming it right because GNU bash sup-
ports it and dash, unlike posh (I think) and other Debian Policy 10.4
compliant /bin/sh-capable shells, implements it as a speed hack (lower
boot times combined with portable use of printf, since echo isn’t).

I call for the CTTE to decide that no maintainer is above Policy 10.4
and that udev shall be fixed to not use printf as builtin, or require
a different shebang.

My proposals:

① udev in sid will be changed to use "#!/bin/dash" as shebang;
  udev in lenny will be changed to use "#!/bin/bash" as shebang.
  The change in lenny is necessary, as it is affected as well.

② udev in both sid and lenny will be changed to not use printf
  any more.

Both ① and ② need to override the maintainer’s decision.
I would be most pleased if one of the above were to be decided upon.

③ coreutils will be changed to move /usr/bin/printf to /bin/printf
  and have a /usr/bin/printf@ → ../../bin/printf symbolic link.

  I do not like this. It is non-standard, an evil workaround, and
  will(!) lead to the creation of more unportable scripts.

④ dash will be changed to have the printf builtin removed, so that
  maintainers will be forced to change their scripts.

  I do not like this. Debian uses dash to provide a rather minimal
  /bin/sh for quick system startup. While the presence of a printf
  builtin is a speed hack, it serves this purpose well. Other shells,
  including bash, ksh93, mksh and posh, but not pdksh, can be used
  to validate scripts instead.

⑤ Debian changes policy to allow the use of bash+dash as /bin/sh.

  I do not like this, for similar reasons as in ③, as well as for
  the fact that I fought to have mksh an allowed /bin/sh in Debian,
  which has led to improvements upstream. These may be personal,
  but I expect this proposal to be rejected due to the unportabi-
  lity argument.

I think using printf is okay *as long* as it it possible for the
script to pick it up in /usr/bin/ and *not* rely on an unportable
builtin. The whole point of Policy 10.4 is portability, and maybe
even portability beyond Debian. It _is_ well-known, after all,
that shell and utility "echo" are both unportable. (This serves
as comment to #490605.)

The motion to have maintainer scripts, whether in udev or other
places, fixed so that /bin/sh can be a shell other than GNU bash
or dash, is supported (as in, they don't like the current situa-
tion) by the DDs Alexander Wirt, Gerfried Fuchs, and possibly

Thank you very much for your consideration.

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