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Bug#509732: Debian policy doesn't feature RC bugs

On Thu, 25 Dec 2008 18:43:33 +0200
Kalle Kivimaa <killer@debian.org> wrote:

> José Luis González <jlgonzal@ya.com> writes:
> > Do you agree now?
> If you mean do I agree that you should file a bug against
> www.debian.org because it doesn't say anything specific about filing
> bugs against Debian Policy,

No. I mean "a bug should be filed on www.debian.org for this", which is
what I had written.

> Any Debian Developer
> (or at the very least, every package maintainer) should know either
> the existence of the debian-policy mailing list or debian-policy
> package. If you don't, well, then I don't think you're qualified to
> file bugs against the policy. There is no need for a separate pointer
> in www.debian.org.

I knew about the existence of the debian-policy package. I didn't know
about the debian-policy mailing list (if I knew I wasn't remembering by
the time I wrote this bug report.) The bug against www.debian.org is
about the web page where instructions are given on where to file bugs,
not about this bug. I repeat from my previous messages:

> In any case this should be explained in the web site. In
> http://www.debian.org/Bugs/Reporting it is said:
> "If you are unable to determine which package your bug report should be
> filed  against, please send e-mail to the Debian user mailing list asking for > advice."
> "If your problem doesn't relate just to one package but some general
> Debian service, there are several pseudo-packages or even mailing lists
> that you can use to relay your message to us instead."
> Another bug should be filed on www.debian.org for this.

I quote more text from the web page so that it is more clear:

"What package does your bug report belong to?"

"You need to know what package your bug report should be filed against.
See this example for information on how to find this information. (You
will use this information to see if your bug report has been filed

Afterwards was the text I had quoted before. Do you agree now? If not
please, abstain from continuing this conversation replying to *this* bug
report. There's no need to pollute a bug report about the policy with a
discusion about whether a bug about a web page should be filed against

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