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Bug#509732: Debian policy doesn't feature RC bugs

José Luis González <jlgonzal@ya.com> writes:

> Package: general
> Severity: important
> The Debian Policy Manual doesn't feature the Debian Bug Tracking
> System. This makes it impossible to report a bug with RC severity in
> the Bug Tracking System that permits RC bugs to remain in Debian when
> the report is closed incorrectly and nobody notices before it is
> archived (please see bug #227941.) Since the problem is only specific
> to that bug, it would suffice to raise severity of #227941 to serious.
> The current description of severities contained in doc-base (in
> bug-maint-info.txt) lists RC bugs as critical, grave and serious, but
> nothing in the policy qualifies #227941 as serious (there's no
> directive that makes it a policy violation) and the bug isn't grave or
> critical according to that description.
> I am filing this bug so that this is resolved. According to the
> description in that file (bug-maint-info.txt) this bug isn't RC as well
> despite it permits RC bugs to remain in Debian as explained above. A
> solution would be to include a directive in the Debian Policy that
> requires any RC problem be marked as serious.

I'm a little confused by this bug report, but as near as I can tell, your
concern is that you don't think you can re-open RC bugs that were
mistakenly closed long enough that they've been archived.  As already
explained, this is indeed possible; you just have to unarchive them first.

Bug #227941 is a request for a wontfix status in the BTS and as near as I
can tell is entirely unrelated to your concern.

It seems like your remaining issue is that the unarchive command is not
documented in bug-maint-info.txt, which is part of the doc-debian
package.  This command is now documented, not in bug-maint-info.txt, but
in bug-maint-mailcontrol.txt, to which the other document refers.
Accordingly, I think this bug has already been addressed and should be

Russ Allbery (rra@debian.org)               <http://www.eyrie.org/~eagle/>

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