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Bug#484511: Urgencies should all be lower case

On 11407 March 1977, Russ Allbery wrote:
> You make it sound like it's an ASN.1 encoder or something.  If Joerg says
> that he absolutely won't change dak,

I wont change it.

But I might look at patches changing it (or better, bzr trees ready to
merge), if someone really wants it changed.

>> Why should it be case insensitive?
> I think I already covered this, but to restate: because it's been
> documented as case-insensitive for at least seven years and probably more
> than a decade and because there's a long-standing minority practice of
> using it in all caps for an urgency of high (possibly going back to the
> packaging manual that documented urgencies in all caps while stating that
> case was insignificant).

The code in dak, in the current form, is there since 2002-02-13, when
jennifer (today process_unchecked) got added to the repository. Most
probably something similar existed in the code before this.
Its also nearly unchanged since then, with changes being cosmetical.

The code itself also resets all unknown (and upper-case == unknown)
values to low, so whoever thinks HIGH is doing good or helps in noticing
stuff nicely sets himself a low urgency...

>> It's not case insensitive now and I do not see any technical reason to
>> change that. It's not that package names, sections or anything else is
>> case insensitive, is it?
> Those feel like different cases to me.  Package names and sections are
> names whose meanings are external to the specification of the relevant
> field and represent directories on disk or file names, which are also
> case-sensitive.  Urgency is a keyword.  I think keywords are generally
> better treated as case-insensitive.  An example that feels similar to me
> is control field names.

I personally think people should just use lower case, there is no good
reason to have stuff mixed-case or all upper. It doesn't get you

bye, Joerg
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