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Re: Bug#291460: Inclusion of Apache Software License versions in /usr/share/common-licenses

On Wed, 26 Mar 2008 16:51:24 -0600, Gunnar Wolf <gwolf@gwolf.org> said: 

> Of course, I'm playing with the numbers. There are still smaller
> machines, there are the embedded-minded people, and of course, there
> would be no sane way to verify the GPL3 was the same GPL3 all over if
> we were to kill common-licenses - But basically, I'd not base the
> definition in diskspace savings.

        Then you had better come up with a rationale for having a common
 licences directory at all. Seems to me that making binary packages
 unusable on their own (can't legally distribute without a copyright
 file; so they can only be distributed _with_ the rest of Debian)  is a
 big enough obstacle that unless we have a compelling reason to have a
 common licenses directory, we should not strip out the licenses from
 packages and replace them with a pointer. 

        The rationale traditionally has been (to quote Russ)
>   Mainly that repeating the uncompressed text of the GPL in every
>   package licensed under the GPL actually ends up taking a rather
>   measurable amount of space and is something of a waste.  And since
>   it's legal information, it's much more difficult to justify stripping
>   it even in embedded configurations where that space really hurts.

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the Titanic had paying customers.
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