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Re: Phoning home

Hello Ian,

Ian Jackson wrote:
>  * Software in Debian should not communicate over the network except
>    - in order to, and as necessary to, perform their function
>      (which includes the established Debian software update
>       distribution infrastructure); or
>    - for other purposes with explicit permission from the user

I, as a user, package maintainer and software developer, would consider the
next two points more than enough (of course the usual wording is

* The user _MUST_ be notified about any kind of 'phoning home' the
package/software performs before it is done (letting the user quit/abort at
this point). 
* The package/software SHOULD offer a way to disable the 'phoning home' code
if it contains such kind of 'feature'.

Of course it would be nice to ship a copy of the privacy policy and display
it at the confirmation step.

Atomo64 - Raphael

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