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Bug#445203: debian-policy: 10.8. Log files: /etc/logrotate.d/<package> preferred

Package: debian-policy
Severity: wishlist

Section 10.8 suggests the use of a configuration file in 
/etc/logrotate.d, but doesn't suggest a name.

I propose that the suggested name be /etc/logrotate.d/<package> in 
almost all circumstances, irrespective of the name(s) of the files being 
rotated. A logrotate.d configuration file can control the rotation of 
multiple logfiles.

In addition, could the "missingok" directive be added to the example 
script? If the maintainer forgets to use it and the package is removed 
but not purged before the package generates any log files, it can cause 
logrotate to throw errors during the cron.daily run.

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