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Bug#431109: GPLv3 status?

As a maintainer of the RenaissanceCore project on SourceForge,
I am building a Debian package and trying to get as much right
as possible before submitting it to be mentored.

All of our code is being released under GPLv3.  My question is
what to do until the GPLv3 is added to /usr/share/common-licenses?

What I have done is:

- Reference common-licenses/GPL-3 in my copyright file
- Reference the gnu.org link in my copyright file
- Include GPL-3 in the top level directory of my distribution
  file (above the pool and dists trees)

However, after reading the discussion in bug report 431109, I
am wondering what is the rationale behind the common-licenses
directory?  It seems that there is some disagreement and a
bit of confusion, even in this group, on how to handle GPLvX
or higher.  With only 4 licenses--including multiple versions
of GPL and LGPL--it seems like it's only there for convenience.
If it that is the case, then why make the copyright file
reference mandatory?

As a developer, I would prefer to make the licensing of my
code crystal clear by including all of the pertinent info in
the copyright file.

Jim Sansing

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