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Bug#206684: I guessed they were happy so long as no one was shooting at them, or likely to do so in the foreseeable future.

<H>[u][g]{e} [N]{e}{w}(s) To Impa.ct (C){Y}(T)[V]

C-hina Y`ouTV <C>{o}[r]<p>[.] Symb_ol: {C}<Y>(T){V} We {h}[a](v){e} al*ready [s][e]{e}[n] CY,TV's m+arket impac+t b.efore climbi`-ng to [o][v][e]{r} $2.0-0 (w)<i>(t)[h] [n]{e}<w>[s]{.} Pre#ss Relea+se: Chi#na Y-ouTV's CnBo-o <W><e>(b) (S)(i)(t)<e> Ra^nks (N)<o><.>{1} on Microsof,_t <L>{i}[v](e) Searc.h Engin.e Cn#Boo Traf^fic Increas^^es [4]<9><%> [O]<v>(e)(r) {T}<w>[o] Month,s

{R}{e}<a>(d) <t><h><e> news,, thi-nk ab.out {t}{h}[e] impa^ct, and

<j>[u][m]<p> on [t][h]{i}{s} fir`st th+ing T*omo,rrow mornin_g*! $0.`42 is a [g](i)[f]{t} at <t>(h)<i>[s] pr--ice.....

Do <y><o>(u)(r) home`w*ork <a><n>[d] watc-h (t)(h)(i)(s) tra.de Mon^day morn+ing.

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