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Bug#209008: parallel building: DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS or DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS_PARALLEL

[Loïc Minier]
>  But perhaps the biggest problem is that this would block us from ever
>  allowing commas as part of the DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS, for example to pass
>  LDFLAGS=-Wl,something (which would work if only spaces are allowed).

Yeah, that's a good point.  It may be best to amend Policy to require
space-separated options.  This makes command-line usage slightly more
annoying, but I'd support it.  Anything in Policy that clarifies the
syntax of DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS would be a Good Thing.

I still like my makefile snippet, posted earlier, which parses
DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS and sets a DEB_BUILD_OPT_FOO for every "foo" word.
It allows you to use 'ifdef' in the rest of debian/rules, which is much
more natural than ifneq(...) or ifeq(...) with the empty string.
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