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migration away from /etc/init.d/ style to supervision style?

Please forgive me if this question is a FAQ somewhere or has already
been discussed (I tried google, though).  If this is the wrong list
for this question, I also apologize for that.

I've recently moved all of my machines to runit, and I've been
immensely pleased with the results.  In particular, the process
supervision, clean process state, uniform and well-organized logging,
elimination of pidfiles, and general simplicity of the whole system
has been wonderful.

I've also found that in creating my own debian packages for local use,
I've found that the /var/service mechanism lets me avoid the need for
postinst/prerm scripts in many, many situations.  Really, the only
trouble has been reliably disabling the /etc/init.d-based launching
that comes with packages that I apt-get (but I think I've got that
figured out now) and making sure they don't get double-started when I
upgrade a package (due to an /etc/init.d/foo [re]start in the
package's postinst).

So, my main question: has there been any consideration given to moving
official debian policy from /etc/init.d and start-stop-daemon to a
supervision-based system like runit or daemontools?

I understand that there are several solutions in this category
(another is daemontools, but I believe that its licensing situation is
not acceptable for debian).  This question is not specific to runit --
more of a general inquiry about the type of solution it is
representative of.

  - a

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