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Bug#206684: debian-policy: Proposal for going ahead with mandatory debconf use for prompting

> I would really like to see that happening at the beginning of the lenny
> release cycle. Packages that prompt without using debconf make it
> unnecessary difficult to test them using piuparts.
> Looking at my piuparts results (testing packages in etch), most packages
> that prompt the user already do that through debconf, so it would not
> result in more than 50 or 100 bugs (and that's the worst case scenario).

Hmmm, that many?

That's already quite a lot but that seems feasible as long as provided
patches do provide *good quality* debconf prompts:

- correct English
- using the recommended writign style (see DevRef....which we will
probably enhance during the etch->leny release cycle, as I intend to
work on the wording of debconf templates for all packages that already
use debconf
- and, of course, translation from the beginning if possible

I'm still puzzled by the number of package you announce, Lucas.

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