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Re: Bug#405997: should executables be permitted to update themselves?

Ian Jackson wrote:
> I don't know what azareus's UI for this is like but depending on the
> situation it might be best to make a configuration option, set by
> default, which suppresses it.  For example, if the current
> code presents dialogues nagging to be allowed to update from upstream,
> then we should definitely disable that by default.  OTOH if it's an
> obscure menu option then just adding `(not recommended!)' in an
> appropriate string might be sufficient.

I just tested an absolutely default install of Azureus from the current
package in testing (  Without changing any configuration
settings from the prompted defaults, I'm presented with a dialog to
download a newer version of both the "Core Azureus Version" and
"azupdater/Azureus Update Support" automatically.  There is no
indication that doing so will deviate from the provided Debian
packaging.  Nor, did I as a user select to have the application go out
and check for updates.

Allowing the application to download the update resulted in no
indication that it would be updating in my home directory instead of the
system-wide location.

After relaunching for the update the following error (not present prior
to the update appeared):

SWT library loaded from "/usr/share/java" can't be automatically updated
from version 3235 to 3318 (must be loaded from
"/home/jcollins/.azureus"). Please see the wiki for details.

So, no only does the application default to checking for and suggesting
updates, allowing it to do so appears to result in some form of
dependency problem with the SWT library.

Jamin W. Collins

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