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Re: Bug#370471: use of "invoke-rc.d $PACKAGE stop || exit $?" in prerm scripts

On Mon, 26 Jun 2006, Gerrit Pape wrote:
> Instead of writing their pid to a file, daemons could maintain a fifo
> and read (one-byte) commands from there; if there's no reader on the
> fifo, the daemon isn't running and nothing bad happens.


> Or better yet, instead of duplicating such code in each and every
> daemon, as already done for fork/exec, detach from terminal, cleanup
> filedescriptors, setsid(), write pid file, remove all that duplicated
> code, and have the service daemon run under a parent supervisor process
> which maintains such a fifo.  The parent process always already knows
> the pid to send signals to, and knows about a service daemon terminating
> through SIGCHLD.

Nothing against it, but it is sort of a war uphill (one Debian can actually
take, I suppose.  It is technically superior and it does offer a truckload
of advantages) to get all services to run in foreground mode *while* making
sure this means they behave exactly as they would be in background mode.

At least this approach makes everything from babysiting services and getting
their status, to parallel-execution and logging MUCH easier to implement.

Gerrit, I don't recall it completely, do your system provide a generalized
*per service* supervisor for initscripts, or a single master hipervisor that
is parent to all services?

Any chances of providing an sysv-init-like interface for this (I don't see
why it would be technically impossible to do it -- it is a bit more complex,
though), or do we have to insist on changing to a new initscript system type

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