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Re: Including more licenses in 12.5

On 10690 March 1977, Manoj Srivastava wrote:

>> How about including more licenses in the list in 12.5 (and at the
>> same time adding them to base-files).
>         How many packages are there under this license?

I have no numbers. I just proposed those two licenses because I see them
often in NEW. Well, often enough to write this mail.

>> Good candidates, IMO, are: The python license, the ZPL, the ruby
>> license.
>         Looking at my own machine, I can't assert that the license yet
>  meets that criteria. 

So we should look at the whole archive. Hrm, doing that later.

>         There is a tradeoff involved in not having the copyright file
>  included in a package; and the savings are not having multiple copies
>  of the same file over and over again.


bye Joerg
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