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Bug#366889: marked as done (GNU office not on Temple Place anymore)

reopen 366889

Dan Jacobson said:

> But wait, even policy.txt says Temple Place!!
> $ zgrep Temple /usr/share/doc/debian-policy/policy.txt.gz

Manoj Srivastava said:

>         Specifying incorrect office addresses is a bug; and the
> solution is to fix the bugs, nit to say that the address should be
> elided. ...

I agree that Policy should not say that the address should be elided.
But given that Policy still lists the FSF's Temple Place address in its
own copyright notice, instead of their current address, I think that
this is still a bug in Policy until the copyright notice is fixed.

(I was going to open a bug against Policy a few weeks ago about changing
the address, until I saw this bug.)

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