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Bug#373212: marked as done (policy: postinst doesn't document typical abort-remove case)

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and subject line policy: postinst abort-remove without in-favour not allowed by maintscript templates
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Package: dpkg
Version: 1.13.19
Severity: minor
Tags: patch

The postinstall script includes comments, which might reasonably be
used as documentation for the maintainer script interface.  However,
the postinstall script has only

# If prerm fails during replacement due to conflict:
#       <postinst> abort-remove in-favour <new-package> <version>

But not the typical "abort-remove" case.

--- /var/lib/dpkg/info/dpkg.postinst	2006-05-04 07:09:34.000000000 -0400
+++ /tmp/dpkg.postinst	2006-06-06 17:05:08.000000000 -0400
@@ -8,6 +8,9 @@
 # If prerm fails during upgrade or fails on failed upgrade:
 #	<old-postinst> abort-upgrade <new-version>
+# If prerm fails during removal:
+#	<old-postinst> abort-remove
 # If prerm fails during deconfiguration of a package:
 #	<postinst> abort-deconfigure in-favour <new-package> <version>
 #		   removing <old-package> <version>

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On 13 Jun 2006, Justin Pryzby told this:

> I've been reading more thorougly about the dpkg maintainer script
> interface.  I noticed that the neither the dpkg maintscript comments
> nor your maintscript templates allow for the postinst "abort-remove"
> case which is called with only a single parameter (instead of $2 =
> "in-favour").  I've filed #372145 against dpkg to fix the comments.
> The template files used should be updated too, especially for the
> policy package, since they are a good reference; I'd like to patch
> dh_make shortly to use some combination of your code and dpkg
> comments.  

        Err, I am not sure this belongs to policy, which does not have
 any "maintscript templates".  Policy does document the call
 correctly, so I am closing this report. 

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