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Bug#372731: policy: please say which control fields can line-wrap

Package: debian-policy

From upgrading-checklist:
  * All fields, apart from the Uploaders field, in the control file are
    supposed to be a single logical line, which may be spread over
    multiple physical lines (newline followed by space is elided).

Policy 5.1:
  Some fields' values may span several lines; in this case each
  continuation line must start with a space or a tab.
  Except where otherwise stated, only a single line of data is allowed
  and whitespace is not significant in a field body.

Policy 5.2:
  Many fields are permitted to span multiple lines in `debian/control'
  but not in any other control file.

Please specify which fields in debian/control are allowed to span
multiple physical lines.  "Some fields' values" and "Many fields" don't
tell us anything.  Or is upgrading-checklist supposed to be normative?

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