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Bug#372522: Patch attached

tag 372522 +patch

This is a simple fix, but I took the time to search and couldn't find any
other "double dot", so I decided to make a patch.

 Bezos,     (o.
     Marga. (/)_
--- policy.sgml	2006-06-10 23:15:43.997173864 -0300
+++ policy-patched.sgml	2006-06-10 23:48:37.256557971 -0300
@@ -5142,7 +5142,7 @@
                   configuration files for applications are stored in
                   the user's home directory are relaxed.  It is
                   recommended that such files start with the
-                  '<tt>.</tt>.' character (a "dot file"), and if an
+                  '<tt>.</tt>' character (a "dot file"), and if an
                   application needs to create more than one dot file
                   then the preferred placement is in a subdirectory
                   with a name starting with a '.' character, (a "dot

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